Okay I just havvvve to post about this because I feel like it will make some great Sunday reading …

Note: this is only gunna be a quicky – so sit back, relax and let your mind be blown!

To find the perfect colour for your lips, all you have to do is look at your nips … Apparently.

And that’s it!

Never mind hours of scrolling through insta or trolling through stacks of self-selection.

When I heard this theory I was eager to put it to the test, so immediately whipped out my puppies and got myself into some strange position trying to compare my lips, nips and several swatches 🐶

Only to be left absolutely astounded, bewildered, flabbergasted, stunned and in total-utter shock to conclude that … yes, the colour of your nips really does look good on your lips.

Who’d have thought ey?

You’re staring at your titty right now aren’t you? Thinking of all the random shades of lip colours you have stashed away in your room that definitely have no resemblance to your nipple!

I suppose it’s pretty cool. We are all different after all. No persons nipples are the same. They’re as unique as our personalities.

So, I dare you to try it!! See what you think …

I think it might be the funniest thing I’ve heard all week, so please, humour me. Let me know your findings 🙄😂


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