I’ll be the first to admit. I wear a considerable amount of makeup; and as I’m sure many other considerable amount of makeup wearers would agree, I am absolutely sick of comments like “you would look better if you wore less” …

Better for who, exactly? You? Because I sure as hell don’t spend the equivalent of filling up your car tank three times over on something to make my lips pink, solely for the purpose of pleasing a boy.

No offence.

 I mean, I wouldn’t spend frustration filled hours of carefully crafted application for the approval of … anyone. ESPECIALLY not someone who thinks the only kind of baking you can do involves eggs, milk and flour … Jesus!

Okay, so maybe that response is a bit hasty. Maybe the person who made the said comment was simply giving a compliment? But then, why should anyone else have the right to uninvited-ly comment on how someone else chooses to look?model-1814200_1920

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for going au natural. 8:30 on a school night? The Sudocrem is out to play (if you know, you know.)

THAT being said – it’s not how I (I emphasise I, as in ME, as in PERSONAL choice) like to show myself to the world.  Some girls look like they were carved in heaven by the angels themselves and don’t require a 10″ layer of Mac or Anastasia to chisel their cheek bones – some, but not me. I am not one of those girls.  I look like a potato.

And so, I paint my face with layers of Studio Fix and dust on highlight until I shine brighter than my future-  for no other reason than, I want to. For me. Because I like it.

Yet this seems to bother some people, and I know makeup lovers around the globe will be experiencing the same problem.

C’mon guys, we live in a world where ham on pizza lovers and haters live harmoniously, and where vote in or outers (Brexit) are now all friends again on social media. Why does it bother people if eyelids have five different colours on them?

And it is the dudes (usually) that have the most to say. Sorry, I don’t mean to generalise, if you’re one of those men you see all over Instagram, who are the makeup equivalents of Picasso then you can count yourselves out. I’m referring to the ones that couldn’t tell the difference between a Mac lipstick and a bullet.

Those are the ones most likely to come out with comments like “natural girls look way better”, “you’d look nicer if you wore less makeup” etc.

Just curious. Have you ever asked a man to point out natural girl? Just try it.

Or how many times has your makeup count been foundation / concealer / various powders / highlight / mascara / eyebrow pencil, then some noob has made a comment along the lines “see, you look good with no makeup” … No makeup *eye roll*

Would you go up to someone and say they should wear more makeup? … Probably not.

We’ve invested a lot of dollar, time and youtube tutorial watching into our makeup crammed faces. Just as you may spend hours on the X-box or lifting heavy objects in the gym hm?

“But it looks so fake…”

Yes, yes it does. Believe it or not, we weren’t born with sparkly eyelids.

Or the best one

“hor hor hor, women lie to us, you should take them swimming on the first date hor hor hor I’m so manly.”


If that’s gunna be the rule of thumb then let’s all have first dates on nudist beaches from now on eh, why don’t we?

… Too far?

In conclusion to this rather long rant, me, being the big “con artist” I am, I’m going to continue smothering my face with glow kits and applying concealer like its tribal paint to blot flaws from blemishes to an unpaid overdraft.

A bit of constructive criticism is fine, but 9/10 a girl isn’t wearing makeup for anyone else other than herself and she probably feels good in it. Let’s all live and let live and remember that the most important kind of beauty, is skin deep!


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    1. Helen Herrera August 2, 2016 at 5:57 pm

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