Exhibit A – Here, we have myself wearing a pretty green skater dress, trying to look like someone you’d want to introduce to your mother. Yes that is my taxi fare on the floor. Oh well, I tried.

I have advertised this blog for a while now as a beauty, FASHION and lifestyle blog yet as of yet, there are no fashion posts. That’s pretty stupid, isn’t it? So, I think it’s about time I post one.

Drum roll, please …

So, the occasion is date night. I don’t actually know why because my love life is about as existent as Unicorns but, I wore this outfit on an outing with a male one time, not too long ago so, that kind of counts, yeah?

For anyone who’s interested, nothing ever came of it. There was no second date. So, take from this “fashion inspo” what you will. I take no responsibility for anyone else getting a nice big portion of custard cream pie.


*Apologies for poor qual photos, I’m making do with no camera*

I do think this outfit is pretty cute. I’ve always had a thing for skater dresses (they remind me of my youth lol) and I paired it with tights because well, it was cold (am I really northern lol?) plus, it adds to the whole “your mother would love me vibe” (hor hor hor this is a bad joke, okay kids.)


  • Dress – £9 – Newlook
  • Black suede pointed court shoes – £15 – Newlook
  • Jacket – £20 – H&M

Accessorising is a crucial part of any outfit, in my opinion. Unfortunately, it’s also the part I usually run out of time to do because I’m always about 5 years late.

I was organised this time though …18033032_625610934296522_3580218436541524723_n

I picked these because they’re all quite simple and delicate looking. Most were gifts so I couldn’t even guess the price/where they’re from, but if there’s anything specifically that’s sparked interest to any of you lovely people, I could probably find out!

I won’t blab on and on about my face, but here’s a really poor quality selfie:



I kept makeup to minimum. Well, to look minimum but really? I have about 10″ on. Saying that though, the photo does it absolutely no justice so let’s not dwell.

And that’s a wrap.

Didn’t get the boy, but I did get a few selfies and a free meal so, in the words of Nicki Minaj “wOtz gud?”

Thanks for reading. Stay cool guys!signiture

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