I say Brits but we’re northern. We have funny accents and we don’t wear coats in winter so, we’re kind of uncivilized.

I thought I’d do a little post about a month I spent travelling with one of my best palls. Yes, to get some action going on this section of the blog but also (mainly) because … I think I’m coming down with the travel bug again *sigh* anyways, short and sweet. Here goes!





San Diego

San Francisco

New York

Me and Lozza met at uni, so … 4 years ago? We’re the kind of friends that, people don’t know how we’re friends because we’re so different. She’s the sensible one and I am … not, but it works!

We’re planning more travels, which will be great but currently, we are both graduates living at opposite ends of the country, trying to scrape together more than 50p. She works in the world of film, and I’m an aspiring writer so  we’re not making lives easy for ourselves.

Anyways. It’s been almost 2 years since we went to America. So, I thought I’d do a little post about our adventures. Since the biggest adventure in my life right now is finding a 50% off Dominos voucher code.

I won’t go into massive detail otherwise it would be about 5,000 words long. Do you want to read that? No. Neither do I. I’m thinking a few pictures, a few memoirs because I’m feeling nostalgic and yeah … when I can be bothered to hunt through allllll of our bookings hiding deeper than government corrupt activity in my past emails, I’ll do a detailed post about hotels and places to visit etc too.

Can’t WAIT for that job *widens eyes* but until then this is just a little taster of the fun we had. To torture myself a little bit more. If anyone else has the travelbug/the itch/or is just bored of their life, I really reallllly really recommend America. If you live there already. I’m v jealous!

Here’s a photo of me in front of the Universal sign, like everyone else who goes takes, in sunny Florida, in the rain, because you can take the girl out of England … but not the weather!
You’d think you’d go traveling and take better photos than just me in a tree ….
We met two locals who tooks us on a tour of San Diego. Probably the weirdest day of our travels but … just look at that sunset. This was a place called  No Surf – a secret but sick surfing destination apparently!
Begged Lauren to put San Fran on our itinerary just to see this bridge, and drink a Coca Cola … like off the advert. Worth it!
12 hours on a bus. But … it was probably the best day of our trip! Also, the windiest …

Words can’t describe that feeling you get when you’re stood in New York City for the very first time. It takes your breath away! Not gunna lie, we spent most our time on our hotels roof top

Brooklyn bridge, Central Park and Hershey’s world – New York
Aw, ma little spirit animal
20 – but 7 at heart. You’re never too old for a hug with Mickey and Minnie Mouse

First day at Dinosaur school 🤓

At our absolute peak of happiness in Disney Land

Definitely felt rebellious drinking underage again

Holiday romance ……. 😍

One day, we will own our own jet skis

The fact I’m wearing an un-matching bikini sums me up as a person tbh

Are you even best friends if you haven’t kicked each other in the face?
Believe it not, this tan was after our first day of traveling in Miami
Absolutely drenched in rain, missed our bus home, had to sneak on a coach trip that wasn’t ours and ended up at some random hotel, soaking wet, trying to hitch a ride 🙄
The day we became bank-rupt. No literally. We ran out of money and decided to just take pretty photos to make ourselves feel better. 😂🤔 somehow still managed to make it to San Fran
The view from the Hollywood hills. You could see all of LA
Generic “let’s look meaningfully into the distance and pretend I’m not looking” travel pic 🤔😂

Just a little post – not the best but atleast it’s got some action going on for this section of the blog now. The next time I do any traveling I will be sure to take better photos, but good photo taking was a lot to ask of my little Iphone4 (bless it!)

I’d love to hear any of the cool places you lot may have been, as like I said, we’re in the middle of planning our next trip.

Chow for now …


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  1. Mark Garrett August 2, 2016 at 6:51 pm

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    1. Helen Herrera August 2, 2016 at 6:51 pm

      Thanks Mark, glad you liked it. Nice to see you around.

      1. Jerry Parker August 2, 2016 at 6:51 pm

        Hey guys, c’mon this is old stuff!

  2. Helen Herrera August 2, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    Hi, this is cool but i know something cooler than this, new iPad!

  3. floatinggold February 13, 2018 at 5:54 am

    Looks like you had fun (jet ski pic and the Golden Gate one), which is what matters the most. Every country has something in it worth seeing.

    1. Ema February 13, 2018 at 12:20 pm

      Couldn’t agree more, the world is such an interesting place.
      Oh seriously, I won’t stop until I own my own Jetski (hahaha)
      Thanks for reading 🙂


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