If I could get some sort of shining, glittery slob of gold that shone brighter than the sun to put on my face, I would. Highlighting is probably the best part of being a girl. It can make you go from feeling a bit ‘meh’ to like a glistening, shining, fairy mermaid … or Beyonce, or something like that.

Unfortunately (or technically speaking, fortunately) I don’t have a piece of the sun to offer you. I do however, have the next best thing.


The ‘Solstice‘ & ‘Cleopatra’s kiss‘ palettes to be precise.

I actually came across these on the off chance at work one day, and loved them instantly, not knowing there was already a massive beauty buzz about them – rightfully so. They literally lit up my life like no other makeup purchase of mine has ever done, and with the price tag of just £10, what’s not to love?

SLEEK Highlighters

When I wear a highlighter, I want Martians to be able to see. I want people to be able to view their reflection in my face. I want it to shine brighter than any diamond there ever was, brighter than my future even.

Slight exaggeration … however, there’s nothing worse than a naff highlighter.

We want lots of pigment and a long lasting glow, right? Which is exactly what you get with Sleek, all for as cheap as chips.


Obviously the packaging for both looks very upmarket and is really enticing; Sleek has made a real effort which is very impressive. I don’t think you can tell it’s a drug store brand.

Finding these was like stumbling across Aladdins cave.

They also include a good sized mirror and a little brush. The brush to be honest is kind of pointless but it’s still nice they include it, the only downside being that if you lose it (like me) you’re left with a significant amount of unused space, but … not a big issue.

The outside packaging comes with information on the back about how and where to use what, perfect for if you’re a highlighting virgin or a bit unsure.



The biggest thing about both these palettes actually is that unlike other highlighting palettes, they don’t just offer different shades/colours, but textures too.

Solstice includes:

Ecliptic (a cream)

Hemisphere (powder)

Subsolar (powder)

and Equinor (powder).

So, although the packaging suggests ways to use each, what it actually means is that you’re able to play around with them all and find what works best for you.

Personally, I think they’re all gorgeous and I don’t have a set use for any of them really. I mix and match each time I wear them and find they are quite versatile.

I’ll not go in to massive detail as it’s going to be different for everyone but I’ll just point out some of the main points.

swatches sleek solstice -

The cream (Ecliptic), like Sleek suggests, does work really well for your nose. It’s quite subtle, so it doesn’t draw too much attention and blends really smoothly. It also makes a good base for the other powders. Other than that, it’s not much to write home about in terms of how reflective it is.

sleek highlighters swatches---

The lavender coloured baked powder, Hemisphere, is the most eye catching but the most daunting. However, don’t let the colour put you off. This shade SHINES but in a good way, it makes your skin look flawless.

It’s especially flattering on paler skin tones. Some have said that the undertones in this may wash darker skin out, but saying that, I feel I have probably used this shade (because it’s my fave) when I’ve been repping layers of fake tan and liked it so, it’s all down to personal preference.

no flash sleek swatches!

The main thing with this palette is to not judge it. The way the highlighters appear in the packaging and even on a swatch, is NOT how they appear on your face, so my advice is to just try them all out, be brave and you’ll more than likely be surprised.

Equinox, is joint fave with Hemisphere. These are the most pigmented and effective. The orange coloured powder would look beautiful on the majority of skin tones, as it gives a glowing peachy sheen to pale skin and a sunkissed sparkle to dark/tanned skin. It’s also really buildable, so you can make it as natural or as intense as you like, just remember to blend.

Subsolar, is the least used for me, but that’s mainly because I like quite an intense look. It’s lovely for creating a more natural glow and I think it would maybe work best for highlighting under your brow, your nose, corners of the eye, that sort of thing.


Cleopatras kiss palette!

There’s a lot of comparison between these two palettes. There are a couple more to the range but these two are the ones that stand out. As I say, I coincidentally bought both before I even knew how massively popular they were.

Honestly, there’s no need to compare. They’re both gorgeous and for the sake of £10, why not just get both? You’ve got nothing to lose.

I can’t pick a favourite, but the biggest notable difference is that Solstice is probably suited to a wider range of skin tones, where as Cleopatra’s kiss are all very bronze/gold based, ideal for that sun kissed summer look.

That’s not to say though, that this palette is more intense because I still think that the Solstice powders are brighter and give more of a sheen.

If you had to divide the two, I’d probably go with saying that this palette is a night time one, and to use Solstice through the day.

Cleopatra’s kiss includes:

Delta (a cream)

Sphinx (a powder)

Dynasty (a cream)

and Goddess (a powder)

So these creams and powders are slightly different. The top row, Sphinx (powder) and Delta (cream), are very similar coloured and the most pigmented. You could even pair these together using the cream as a base and the powder on top for an extra powerful look if you wanted.

These also both catch the light so well, they literally glisten. I sometimes even just use the cream because it’s so buttery, it’s a dream to blend, and it’s definitely more pigmented than the other creams.

Goddess is the other gorgeous powder in this palette. Much more subtle I’d say. In fact, I actually think the creams might be stronger than this powder, so I tend to mix the two powders together, and I find that works really well.

Goddess and the cream Dynasty are again pretty similar, so you could pair these. For application you could use a fan brush, a smaller blending brush or your finger. Again make sure you blend so there are no harsh lines.

cleopatras kiss swatches

I do think this palette is more popular with people who have deeper skin tones, but if you’re a bit paler these still work well, as they aren’t as ‘in your face’ as the Solstice powders. They are so easy to blend, especially the creams, so you could blend it out to go natural or go mad bronzing yourself up to the high heavens.

I also find that this palette does wonders when applied to your shoulders, collar bones, or any other body part you wish to highlight. It gives a real healthy, expensive looking finish.

cleopatras kiss swatches--

I can’t tell you the amount of times I have wore this palette and have been complimented. Often people ask if I’m wearing the Anastasia Glow Kit, which we all know, is like the Holy Grail of the highlighting world.

Both these palettes give the £40 glow kits a run for their money. They are very deserving contenders, and I’d say are just as good as.

One of the major major pluses about these Sleek palettes is that they don’t emphasise your pores. Something a lot of other highlighters tend to do which can leave you looking like a greasy, hot mess.

They stay on all day, I barely ever have to reapply, a little trick is to dust some highlighter on before and after setting spray (when it’s damp). Or use the creams as bases.

The palettes themselves last centuries. The ones in the photos above I have had for a year, I use them almost every day and they don’t really look used.

Below are some video clips of both, to demonstrate how well they all catch light:


I definitely think both these palettes are worth a purchase. I am naturally whiter than milk, but I tan myself to a different ethnicity on the regular and I adore and use both religiously. I am obsessed with them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on either of these palettes, or which one is your favourite?

If you haven’t already tried Sleek, I urge you with all my blogging power to do so and I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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