Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter – It doesn’t matter what your news feed of choice is, it’s guarantied to be filled with videos of this little guy ripping our worst enemy (blackheads) right out from within our faces.

Now my reaction to these videos was probably the modern day equivalent to people watching Jesus turn water into wine. I was filled with pure joy, watching in ore. Our prayers had been answered.

These little buggers (blackheads) somehow manage to bury their selves deeper than Government corrupt activity. Then came this ‘Purifying black peel-off mask’. The videos show blackheads being ripped left, right and center. Slightly disgusting but oddly satisfying to watch. It seemed amazing!

I quickly took to google and ordered myself some. The grand total coming to £2.45. I must admit this did make me slightly more skeptical, as I am a believer of ‘you get what you pay for’ 95% of the time. However my bank account at this current moment is not in a position to support any rash decisions so the cheapest option available it was.

This MAY be why I have been left unsatisfied. I don’t know. I’d be interested to hear anyone else’s results and reviews. Maybe mine is from a dodgy batch? But the packaging does look exactly the same, so I am unsure. Am I being dumb?



So I washed and cleansed my face as directed beforehand. Applied the mask with a foundation brush (because I have no real use for my foundation brush tbh) you could just use your fingers if you wanted.

Let it dry. It took about 30 mins. Now, it did feel great. My face felt tight, but in a good way. I felt like I’d been injected with all the botox in the world, my face was unable to move. I thought to myself “ooo this is good, it’s going to rip these little grots right out.”


I prepared myself for immense amounts of pain peeling this thing off. As the girls in these videos make out it’s the equivalent to, I dunno, peeling an acid laced cloth off your face. Honestly, they’re either all over-reacting and need Oscar nominations … or my mask is just poop.

It did hurt, a bit, and only in certain places like under your eyes (that was an error of mine, don’t put the mask anywhere near your eye socket) or around your lips. If there’s any sort of use this mask does have for sure, it could be waxing your mustache.

Once removed, I checked the back of my dried mask …

However instead of my mask looking like it had been inhabited by a village of microscopic beings, it just looked like a sheet of plain plastic. It was pretty empty. There were a few bits and bobs – skin cells or bits of dirt maybe? but definitely no black heads.

The caption on the front does only claim to remove dulling skin-cells, which I THINK it does. It also says it will leave skin soft and with a youthful glow, which it also does. After making your skin redder than a baboons bum first that is. However, the way it’s advertised everywhere else is that it rips all the badness out of your pores … which it didn’t.

To be fair, I don’t have a mass load of black heads. I do have some, especially on my nose, but I’ve used pore-strips in the past that were brilliant at removing them. So I have to admit, I don’t think this mask was worth the hype as for me, it didn’t do what it advertised.

There is an acne purifying mask from the same company which I am tempted to try, as it’s meant to have more suction power – but this mask is the most popular!

I tried the mask a couple more times in hope I’d get a better result, but still nothing. Although I do like how my skin feels after so I’ll probably keep on using it till the tubs empty.

Has anyone else tried this mask? If so, what did you think of it? I’m curious to know!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your mask stories.


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