Sod’s law. You run out of almost everything you use, at the same god damn time. Typical!

So … I’m no boy. I’m not just gunna use and abuse these products. I thought I’d show them some appreciation by dedicating a whole post to this month’s empties.


Maybe these will inspire you lot with some hunky-dunky-funky new products to try … or not try. You’ll see!

I did have more but, they’ve already been tossed in the bin by my mam. Who follows my trail of products around the house to see if she can scrounge any leftovers. Yup, true story.


Liz Earle is a lovely brand. It took me way too long to realise this. This lotion is like an absolute savior for your eyes. Very soothing, relaxing – literally, a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. Works wonders, and smells amaze!

Ohhh and it’s all natural. No bad-guys hiding in this!

I hadn’t heard of Erno Laszlo, until I was asking around for a good cleanser. I was recommended the SEA MUD DEEP CLEANSING BAR (absolutely unreal), which came in a set with these two products.

The Phelityl Cleansing Oil  is the solution to all you “I wear a lot of makeup” girls’ problems. SO luxurious.

Yes, it’s an oil – which initially did put me off but, honestly this is brilliant. It melts your makeup off and, the rest of the day off. Really prepping your skin, so that when you use the cleansing bar, your skin is literally squeaky clean. If you haven’t already, have a look at some of the ERNO products, or ask me about them, because they.are.amazing.

The toner (I think it’s a toner) I didn’t think much of. It was alright but, I never really used it, because I already have my Pixi toner at the top of the ranks. Tbh, this product is only empty because I spilled it (oops)


Eyes are the first place to show signs of aging, so it’s important to get a good eye cream. No, your face moisturiser won’t cut it. You need an eye cream.

This is thick, creamy, and a real treat to wear. It also works. It brightens your whole eye area up. I don’t even have wrinkles or fine lines, and I still felt like the skin around my eyes was smoother and more nourished.

Of course, because it’s Liz Earle, it’s all natural ingredients. Nothing bad in it. So, yeah … 10000x recommend.






Am I right in saying that, even if you don’t really like Mac and thinks it’s overrated or whatever, that there’s something addictive and cool about collecting mac lipsticks?

I feel like this was one of my first Mac purchases, and I absolutely loved it. I live in brown lip colours and this is just so moisturising and glossy. It’s gorgeous.

Admittedly, now I’m more of a matte girl, but yeah. Would buy again!


See that, that there. That label. That’s what I like to see on skin care products. Look at all those ‘NO’s. As you can see, this is a very good for you product, from a good for you brand.

I’m in the middle of trying to switch to a more natural skincare routine because I’m scared of all the hidden nasties in products. This is a great cream to try for those looking to do the same.

My skin feels and looks soooo good the morning after wearing this. The product itself smells great, feels great and does great. I really recommend!





These two perfumes have to be in my solid top 10, maybe even 5 fave fragrances ever. I absolutely love perfume. I worked in fragrance for a while so, I’ve pretty much tried every scent there is but these, these are great annnnd affordable.

I’ll start with Jimmy. It’s a proper unusual smell. A one that if you smell it once, you’d recognise it again. Realllly addictive and enticing. I think it smells dirty but like, a sexy fruity dirty. I’m really not selling this, am I? But, ahh just try it!

Honestly, I think it’s the sort of smell that someone would smell on you and wanna rip your clothes off.

Top notes: Strawberry, Pink pepper and Tangerine.

Heart notes: Tuberose, Jasmine, white lilly.

Base notes: Woody.

Radiant gold is another sexy scent. Again, unusual. Both are probably acquired tastes but, I love warm, woody and fruity scents. I also love musk, and anything spicy, which is exactly what this brings to the table.

It smells rich, again woody but mixed with spice. Settles lovely on the skin, and has a gorgeous trail. I feel like people would definitely ask what you were wearing because it’s very alluring and, I think it smells quite glamorous.

Top notes: Spices

Heart notes: Floral

Base notes: Soft musk

They’re both parfums, so have longer lasting power and I mean, just look at those bottles! I’m keeping them anyway even though they’re empty because they look too pretty.

Impulse looks a bit at a loose end with these two, doesn’t it? but come on. We all love a bit of impulse, it’s the scent of Year 9. (trololol) 1000000% will be purchasing these again ASAP!!!!



GUTTED that these have run out. Hands down, THE best face masks I’ve tried. Not just these two but the whole pack of them are amazing. (Available for £38) absolute steal.

The supermud sucks all the crap out of your skin. It’s disgusting but mint. Like, you can literally see all the crappy little blackheads fearing for their lives when this stuff gets to work. A bit gross but when you’ve washed it off? They’re gone!

The thirstymud feeds your skin as if it’s feeding the 5’000. I don’t want to turn this post into a masssssive full on product review so I’ll just say that, yes – you need BOTH these in your life. Your skin looks and feels like a babies bum after.







Right. I loved all of these.

Hoola, obviously I’ll be getting again since I got the job at benefit (find out how here) – it’s v matt, last ages, great for contouring, great for nose contouring. Nothing bad to say about it.

If you buy any primer. Please buy one from smashbox. If I go on a night out … I go on a night out. This stuff keeps my makeup on all night and morning (lol) it literally doesn’t budge. It also feels like satin on your skin, and gives your foundation that flawless look.

The bare-minerals foundation I absolutely adored. However, I won’t be buying again. I think it’s a bit of a waste for me because it didn’t last long at all. I like quite a high coverage, which this DOES (surprisingly) supply, but I felt I needed a lot of product to get it.

If I ever have a spare £30 lying around, I’ll buy it again, because it does give a lovely finish, and is super quick. It’s a dream for those ‘lazy’ makeup days, and does give your skin that airbrushed look + feels fab. I just have other foundations that I prefer.

Such as Mac. Very high coverage. Available in lots of shades. Lasts a good while. Not expensive. The bottle looks cool. It’s one of my favourite foundations. I always mix this with the Urban Decay – All Nighter foundation and that works so well, if anyone’s after photoshopping their face.



I did get these in a set, which also included a toner too but … that empty has gone missing (soz!)

Hmmm, don’t know what to make of these. Not much to write home about. I mean, they worked … they did clear my skin up (I think) and when I stopped using them, I seemed to get a few little breakouts but I dunno, just didn’t love them.

They made my skin feel super clean, and it looked bright, so I don’t know why I’m not singing their praises. But yeah, I dunno. Just didn’t love them. If you have acne, these might be worth a go. That’s what they claim to help out with best.

There’s nothing wrong with them, it’s me being a fart. I like to try new face washes and things so … I just don’t love these enough to commit.





This hairspray, I can’t tell if I absolutely hate the smell of it or like it. It’s weird. Very chemical-like, like a salon smells. I do love the brand though, so … I’d buy from them again, but not this hairspray because I don’t really think it has enough hold at all, for my liking.

I love argon oil. It’s one of the hair saviors I bleat on about in this post, but this treatment isn’t the best. It made my hair greasy, didn’t sink into the hair even if you use the tiniest bit, it felt too oily, I dunno, just wasn’t a fan. Bit sticky!

As for the sanctuary body wash. Oh my god. This smell is … happiness in a bottle. Love love love. If you want to enjoy your shower, have a proper pamper and feel amazing, then use this. You come out feeling like Beyonce.

Last but definitely not least. Victoria secret! Do I even need to pitch this? It’s victoria secret. Everything from there smells lush. This is good though because not only does it smell good, but it sinks in fast, isn’t sticky and makes your skin feel super soft.

And that’s that. If there’s anything that’s caught your eye, do let me know. I’d be happy to give more info or answer any questions.

Enjoy your evening guys, nearly Fri-yay and all that. Take care!

Over & out!


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