These days you don’t even need to be anywhere in the radius of a person/object to be able to see them. All we need is a phone. Possessing this small but powerful, nifty device enables anyone anywhere to see everyone and everything that’s made its way onto the World Wide Web. Which, in case you hadn’t noticed, is quite big.

Our smartphones come armed with cameras, meaning nothing is private anymore. We insist on updating our social media platforms with documentation of our day-to-day lives; 99% of which no one actually gives a toss about but, we carry on anyways. Like a bunch of interconnected apes perhaps?

Just a few clicks of a finger is all it takes to capture your Nando’s fiesta, caption it ‘cheeky’ and with just a few more clicks, the whole world has been blessed with your chicken extravaganza.

But sometimes, it’s a lot more sinister than that.

(Yes I know, calling chicken ‘cheeky’ is already pretty sinister.)

I’m gunna make a quick transition of topic here, from food to sex. No longer do you need to be plonked, naked as sin, smack-bang in front of your partner anymore, for them to be able to see you in all your glory.

Oooooh no. Naked pictures for ‘their eyes only’ or a home-made video filmed by a once trusted companion, make it very easy for people to enjoy you without your literal presence. However, that also means that it’s easy for things like this to not stay private for very long.

Angry exes can seek revenge through the lens of a camera, by posting explicit content to ‘revenge porn’ websites or social media without the pictured persons content.

And you wonder why relationships have so many trust issues?


What annoys me about this whole issue though, apart from the obvious, is where the fingers are being pointed.

People are quick to blame social media and technology, then failing that, the person actually taking the photos/letting themselves be filmed. That doesn’t sit right with me!

The name is new but the concept is not, and although the internet may have enhanced this kind of abuse, it isn’t the cause. Believe it or not, there was actually life before the WWW, and human behaviour hasn’t changed that much. We’ve always been arseholes.

Back in the day, if someone wanted revenge, they would simply post a tape or photograph through friends or families letterboxes. Brutal, I know.

The good news is that ‘revenge porn’ is now an official offense and punishable with 2 years in jail. The not so good news? Since when did making something illegal stop it from happening?

Obviously, it will defer a lot of people – no matter how much you hate an ex, if you end up sitting in a jail cell, the joke is definitely on you. But, I can’t help but think that a jail sentence seems a bit pointless. This kind of thing happens A LOT. Do we really want our limited jail cells filled up with a bunch of keyboard warriors?

I’m not trying to take away from the seriousness of this offense here, let’s just establish that first. I know victims have described it as ‘cyber rape’, which makes sense in a lot of ways and I can’t even imagine how humiliating, and distressing it must be for even just one person you didn’t intend on seeing a private video/image of you.

However, I can’t help but feel that more action should be taken against the websites themselves.

I’m not stupid, I know this is easier said than done.

I just feel that aswell as more action against these websites, a large fine, community service and a criminal record would be better suited. No one wants to spend money on an ex, and a criminal record can ruin a person’s life also. Eye for an eye?


Social media is relatively easy to get content reported/removed from but with Google and private owned websites, it’s often more difficult, sometimes Impossible. Once a photo is out there, it gets lost in cyberspace. A scary thought!

Really, ‘revenge porn’ websites and social media are two completely different aspects of the issue altogetherr. If someone uploads a picture of an ex, shaming them, to Facebook (for example) then more than likely the person uploading the photo will receive more grief than the person in them.

I’ve seen it happen before. Boy uploads photo of girl to social media, and somehow his manly parts end up the ones under attack, even though his aren’t the ones on show. Like I said, as long as the images aren’t then saved or uploaded anywhere else, then they’re relatively easy to get removed. Although, that’s not to say that this isn’t any less serious.

It is known though that if uploaded anomalously to social media or porn/revenge porn sites, things can get a lot trickier/darker. People hide behind a screen, desensitising them to what it is they are actually saying/doing, making it easier for them to be derogatory and abusive. These sites aren’t as easy to get content removed from.

The danger with any upload to any site is that if not removed swiftly, and content falls into the wrong hands, it can seriously affect a person’s personal/love/work life.

The problem lies within PEOPLE, not technology. Why do certain individuals deem it okay to violate other human beings?

Unless you’re brain dead, you should know right from wrong. Intentionally degrading someone in such a hurtful way may be made easier because people can hide behind a screen, but the twistedness that caused them to do it in the first place still lives inside that person.

These uploads say more about the person posting them than what they do about the person in them. The blame should never be pinned on the victim.


At the end of the day, we’ve probably allllll took a few nudes. I know I have (sorry mum.) We’re millennials fgs, we aren’t prudes. So yeah, unfortunately, there’s always gunna be melty-exes trying to be clever; and there’s always gunna be dysfunctional creeps to fuel the fire ruining the fun for everyone. If you’re not willing to take the risk, and there’s always a risk, don’t take naked pictures or let anyone else take them of you … or, if you do, at least keep your face out of it!


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