So I’m not on about writing your notes on your thigh then wearing tights to your exam. Or conning your brother out of a full portion of Maccies because you’ve been picking from their chips the whole car ride home.

No no. I’m on about the real beef. The real god damn beef.

In case we’re not on the same page still, the blonde girl in the image above probably isn’t that guys sister, friend or mother.

Now, there’s no judging here guys … we’ll all be the cheater or the cheater-ee in a relationship at some point in our lives, I’m sure. Did that make sense? … Cheat, or be cheated on. That’s what I meant.

I know I’ve been both!

Yes, yes boo the bad guy (me) I’m a terrible person …

In my defense, I’d like to add that I was 16 and the “relationship” I was in had about as much depth as a wad of spit. Not even that. Anyhow, one day I was at a bus stop and I ended up accidentally-on-purpose snogging the boy who had really captured my teeny-tiny teenage heart, and then that was that.

I blame hormones.

Even though I had the mental capacity of a fish and knew as much about “relationships” back then as what I know about gardening now, that was still definite grounds for cheating.

Fyi, I know nothing about gardening.

However, I’ve also been cheated on, in my last and only proper relationship. It wasn’t very nice but, looking at the bigger picture, cheating was one of the smaller issues in that whole shenanigan.

hashtag. nutjob.

Obviously, I’m older and wiser now with a larger mental capacity than a fish or my 16-year-old self so, I can hand on heart say that I wouldn’t cheat. I just don’t see the point of being with someone if you’re a) likely to have a few bevs and fall on someone else’s penis or b) actively, soberly, consciously, go out of your way to crack on with multiple people.

Like, you blatantly should just stay single and live the bachelor life if that’s the case, nothing wrong with that. Less stress, you avoid hurting people’s feelings and you are ace-ing (at least in one department) not being a completely shitty human. Fantastic.

cheating (1)

But there’s the grey area isn’t there. What actually counts as cheating?

Full on insertion of penee?… definitely on the cheat-o-metre.

A “hey babe x” text at 3am … wellllll, who’s even sure?

Like where do you draw the line? Before liberty-taking and trust issues come into play?

In my mind, anything you wouldn’t do INFRONT of your partner is probably grounds for cheating. Micro cheating, perhaps? So cheating on a partner … but just a little bit (lol).

But that’s just me personally, because I know I am so chilled out and accepting that it’s borderline weird. So if the person I’m with is doing something I’m not okay with, then it’s probs safe to assume it’s scoring high on the cheat-o-metre.

Basically, I’m not the type to go cause WW3 over my bf liking some other girls Insta photo. I probably wouldn’t even notice, and frankly, I couldn’t care.

But what about you? I’m genuinely interested to hear other people’s opinions on this.

What do you think qualifies as cheating?

Flirty text messages? Secret meetings with a work colleague? Selfie liking? Drunken smooches? Or do you think you have to do the actual deed for it to count as fully-fledged cheating?

Go on, set the record straight. Tell me. I want to know your thoughts and feelings about this (and I know you’ll have them) …

So get commenting and sharing your stories with me, guys & gals. Let’s put the world to rights.

Happy debating …


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