The last pair of trainers I bought, I was 14 years old. Shameful I know, and yesterday I threw them away. I must have graduated from jelly shoes straight into heels that I didn’t know how to walk in.

However since living with a personal trainer, 2 athletes and a gym junkie, I have been instructed to invest in a decent pair – for my feets sake.

I do enjoy sports but never realised the importance of having a GOOD pair of training shoes. So yesterday I vowed for a change and off on a hunt for the perfect trainer I went.11406900_382995331891418_1626109602816196601_n

Now I’m not the most clued up of sports fashionistas but when entering the shop, I was taken in instantly by all the amazing colours and patterns. It seems that trainer shopping wasn’t as dull as I thought it was.

Still, I wasn’t entirely sure if brightly patterned shoe attire was the ‘in’ thing. Previously I’d go to the gym in the least attractive thing I owned in order to blend my sweaty skettiness deep into the background…


But that was all about to change.

NIKE Flex Trainer: Bold Berry/White/Lava Glow

Playful but simple, eye catching but not tacky. These seemed ideal.

Supporting your feet during sport is really important, simply to help prevent injury, maintain posture and generally to aid performance. If your feet are well supported then you will perform better – common sense really but for the last 711407118_382995311891420_7440499371719914550_n years I seem to have been lacking in that.

They felt amazing, and looked pretty cool too. Bonus!

They’re available in 7 different colours, all of which are equally as lovable. Purple and orange (berry and lava) just so happened to be my favourite colours; bold, bright and they pair together fantastically. For variations of colours you can find them HERE!

These trainers supported my ankle brilliantly, and were unbelievably light and flexible. The activities I need these trainers for include running and regular cardio so I needed something that is lightweight and allows me to move freely. These were a definite good shout.

The mesh material that they’re made out of means they are airy. Great news, because no one wants shoes that are left smelling like something died in them. Eugh.

They also have a padded insole, meaning you could probably keep them on all day and not want to rip them off.

My feet felt weightless, comfortable and 11412141_382995318558086_4491548856462325576_nsupported which gave me full control over my two left feet; and they have a waffle grip sole, so running outside or on slippery surfaces is made that much easier.

Price wise? Very reasonable. I’m not a one for splashing loads of cash on training gear, I just don’t see the point BUT since we’ve established that foot wear is important if you want to avoid gammy feet I didn’t mind stretching beyond my usual £8 makeshift Primark buys.


I picked these up from Sports Direct for £42 reduced from £59.99 – buzzing!

All in all, I think these are great and after trying and testing them they definitely live up to expectations. If you’re after a quirky pair of affordable and sustainable running trainers then I would highly recommend N11401289_382995325224752_2321363546392281144_nikes range.



Happy Gyming!!!!



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