Maybe I’m just a big, bitter lemon?
Am I a big, bitter lemon?

Bitter lemon or not, I’ve said it anyway.

If couples and public displays of affection weren’t agonising enough every other day of the year, they made an actual public holiday to celebrate this!?!?

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Wait – I’m not a love hater. Everyone likes a little romance, right?

I just don’t think a heart shaped box filled with cheap chocolates, picked up from Card Factory for 99p, and an overly sized cliché teddy bear that will ultimately be abandoned and chucked in a cupboard somewhere to gather dust after the endorphin filled day loses all it’s glory, classes as romance.

Yes I know a lot of people don’t do the above and instead they push the boat right out to sea, showering partners in hotels and expensive gifts but guys, come on? That’s not romantic either.

Surely it isn’t romantic if we do something just because we feel we have to!

Making an excessive effort on one over commercialised, money grabbing holiday, along with everyone else in the world … sorry, I’m just not feeling it.

I know it’s meant to be gimmicky and fun, but that’s exactly it … it’s meant to be GIMMICKY AND FUN, but now, like everything else, it’s become a competition and over materialistic. The romance in Valentines is literally about to die a death.

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I mean, really, is this day and a few generic gestures meant to abolish all the crimes and nasties committed previously throughout the relationship, ridding the giver of guilt?

Does watching dreamy eyed couples flap about on Instagram confessing their undying love for one another simply because they’re compelled to do so not make you wanna shoot yourself in the head with fat little Cupid’s arrow? *breathe*

It does me!

And about the whole cherub shooting people thing… that’s a bit ‘Fatal attraction’, don’t you think?

To be honest I couldn’t handle the stress of V day. Like how do you even pick a card? Not too mushy, not too emotionally unavailable – WHERE is the line? What if you’ve just been dating a month? What do you do then?

My head would explode I think, it’s a bit too financially and emotionally draining for me.

In all single, bitter, brutal honesty, does anyone actually really care about Valentines Day? Or do they just care about how many likes their Naked Palette in a bouquet is gunna get on Instagram? *eye roll*

I say it again, THIS ISN’T MY IDEA OF ROMANCE and I know I’m so single right now that I could probably join a convent, therefore my opinion is probs invalid but shouldn’t you be doing nice things for your partner throughout the year anyhow?

And that doesn’t mean materialistic, giant gestures in the form of a £1000 bill, oh no no no, get some oldschool scrapbooks or homemade CD’s on the go and ey, Bob’s your uncle.

And do it on ANY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR, just not Valentines Day. That’s romance!

I think…

But hey, what do I know?  My Valentines is gunna be a dine for two M&S meal with my mam, and probably scrolling Pinterest planning my future cats (not joking) so.

What do you think?

Maybe you can’t wait for Valentines Day? Or you’re doing something really cool?

Maybe you’ve vowed to never celebrate Valentines ever again?

Maybe you met your ex on Valentines Day? (like me lol)

Maybe you think I need to get a grip (and a man)


And (despite all that) happy valentines day for tomorrow guys, I hope the wine is good and the sex is better (and I can’t believe I just said that) ciao xoxo



  1. Caz February 13, 2018 at 11:24 pm

    This made me chuckle! If you’re a bitter lemon then we can both make our own bitter lemonade because I think it’s hyped up nonsense too, though more so this year following the inordinate marketing for ‘Galentines’ too (just to rub it in that I have no bloke in my life, nor any friends). With my exes I’ve always found small gestures, thoughtfulness, showing care is always better than a one-off grand gesture or doing something for the sake of it because it’s Valentine’s. That said, if someone wanted to come along & buy me a bouquet of roses I wouldn’t turn it down! Enjoy your M&S dine-in meal lovely; mine will likely be a buy-one-get-one-free Subway tomorrow (all the more for me!)
    Fab post 🙂

    1. Ema February 16, 2018 at 12:29 pm

      Bitter lemonade sounds fantastic and I’m glad you agree (hahaha,) well I must admit I did send a v day card to two palls but there was no mention of Galentines so I think I’ve scraped past being a complete hypocrite 😉 yeah I wouldn’t turn down a bouquet or wine either let’s be honest, but do you know how many massive teddy bears with “bae did good” captions I seen on my newsfeed? I couldn’t believe my post gag was legit came true … SO many, like where they all gunna go? Maybe we’re just heartless…? I dunno!
      Yes girl!!! Hope you enjoyed your Sub – best 6″ either of us are gunna get anytime soon LOL!

  2. Gail February 15, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    Love the V write up Ema, it’s totally nailed it for me hunny!!! Well done ♥️♥️


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