I must have typed the first line of this a million times and not been able to settle on anything because everything just sounded questionable and cringey, so I’ll keep it simple. Hi and welcome to anyone reading this.

See, even that sounded like a hostage note …

Anyhow, this page is a little background into myself and this blog. I’ll try to keep it as interesting as an ‘about me’ page can be (lol) but if you did have any questions, they should be answered here!


I’d never blogged before but I had wrote several diaries. People always say it’s good to write your thoughts and feelings down but mine always got read (usually by my mother) and let me just point out that a teenage girls diary should never EVER ever fall in to the hands of their mother dearest, ever.

I’m basically just a stationary fanatic who takes notebooks a bit too seriously. So finding, or in one case making, a pretty one (yes I really am  that sad I once made my own diary) to write a few pages about all my old boy drama and how much I couldn’t wait to move out was my greatest pleasure in life.

Until of course, it got found by Gail (my mam) – that wasn’t ideal!

Fast-forward from hormonal diary scribbling days to present day… well, I have no boy in my life and after living in run down student accommodation for a few years wearing a quilt as a coat cause no one put the heating on, I realised I didn’t really have that much to whinge about.

The point being though that diaries are supposedly meant to be private. Mine never was and I guess writing to yourself seemed a bit pointless anyway. Back in the day, the theory was that I’d read over them when I was older and I dunno, laugh or something. Yeah – that was the plan but the idea of reading over those monstrosities? Ah nah, I think I’d rather stab myself in the neck with the pen I wrote them in, thanks!

Who knows, maybe that could make a funny vlog one day? We shall see how nostalgic I get in my old age. Although I don’t fancy jabbing myself with a pen.

Fell off the track a bit here haven’t we. Re-railing to the point … The fact my diaries didn’t stay very private, but I enjoyed writing so much well, a blog seemed fitting; and apparently I have a great flare for embarrassing myself publically so you know, may as well combine my talents (dearohdear).


Quick story for you allI once had a black and white rabbit who I wanted to call Blackey-Whitey. Obviously this wasn’t a great name choice but to my 7 year old self it was the best I could do, okay? Anyways, my mam thought she’d help me out a bit and suggested we maybe consider calling it something else. So I agreed. Now apart from being black and white, the actual breed of the Rabbit was ‘Dutch’ … guess what the chosen name was? … yup. Dutch! Which I actually think is a really cool name but, like … yeah, clearly my naming skills are inherited. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree and all that (sorry, love you mam x)

I also had a kitten called Kitty (I CHOSE THAT NAME) and no, I’m not ashamed, I actually think the next kitten I’ll get will be called Kitty2.0. 

So you can imagine how the blogs name came about.

I suppose the type of things you can expect to read about on here vary quite vastly. I mean, I love facepaint and pretty things but I also love nothing more than a good old rant and rave about politics or something that’s got the internet in a fluster.

I like to write about every day things that affect us all, things we can all relate to like relationships, job stuff, fun stuff, stressful stuff … but by no means am I an expert so yeah, take from my posts what you will. It’s pretty much gunna be like the blind leading the blind, but we can have a laugh along the way, can’t we?

Here she is, the infamous Kitty (first edition)!!! Who at one point I had to actually rescue from Gumtree (evil housemate – long story) miss you Kitty </3


I’m a single millennial gal (yaaaay boooo) from Newcastle – If you don’t know where that is it’s in the North East of England and you can get 3 trebles for £5 (fantastic) and we talk funny.

I’m definitely culprit to spending my last £ on something to paint my face with.

I’d like three Huskies (and Kitty 2.0) when I’m older.

I’m a carb and wine enthusiast.

Instead of ‘sugar, spice and all things nice’ think more ‘sarcasm, wine and bad decisions’ (did I actually just type that?)

… and I think that’s my queue to rap this whole shenanigan up. If you’re still with me – thankyou, muchas gracias. I hope you enjoy your stay on my little section of the internet.

If you’re another blogger ADD ME TWEET ME INSTA ME WHATEVER ME I love meeting new blogging people, actually, I love hearing from everyone so get in touch and we can have a chat about whatever it is you’d like to chat about.

If you’re a company, PR, employer or generally someone more business related who would like to get in touch, you can do so via the ‘contact’ page or my email address: emabrewer@hotmail.co.uk – I look forward to hearing from you!

If you’re someone I know then personally then, I can’t believe you made it this far and please don’t judge me (: (: (:


Stay tuned.