So this is my first post on my brand spanking new blog, how exciting eh? I feel like this post needs to sit here a while just until I get the site suited and booted and everything is running the way I’d like.

I’m using a new host and still getting used to all the lingo etc, so I expect the visual aspect of things to change a fair bit in the near future. If you’re ever browsing and find a bug (something that isn’t working right) then feel free to alert me!

Basically, I dabbled in blogging throughout my time at uni and it’s something I really enjoyed but then 3rd year happened … literally, just thinking those words and I’m flooded with flash backs of me sat in the library ’til 4am, circles under my eyes darker than hell, stuffing my face with ham and cheese sandwiches, questioning why I even needed an education in the first place *sigh* tough times – BUT I’ve graduated now, bought some eye cream and got a gym membership which means I’m raring to go and eager to get back to doing something I love.

So although I’m finding my feet on my new little section of the internet, I’m hoping to have “redecorated” and have posts flowing on a regular basis v soon. The kind of thing you can expect to read about here are heavily beauty/fashion based but with the occasional over-opinionated rant, a dash of humour and a sprinkle of sarcasm.

For more information about this blog or myself you can find it on the ‘about’ page (located at the bottom of this site) and I love to hear from people so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks guys & gals!


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