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I’ll be the first to admit. I wear a considerable amount of makeup; and as I’m sure many other considerable amount of makeup wearers would agree, I am absolutely sick of comments like “you would look better if you wore less” …

Better for who? Men? Because I sure as hell don’t spent hundreds of pounds and frustration filled hours of carefully crafted application for the approval of men. Or anyone for that matter, especially not someone who thinks the only kind of baking you can do involves eggs, milk and flour.

Okay, so maybe that response is a bit hasty. Maybe the person who made the said comment was simply giving a compliment? But then, why should anyone else have the right to uninvited-ly comment on how someone else chooses to look?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for going au naturale. Some girls look like they were carved in heaven by the angels themselves, without a 10″ layer of Mac or Anastasia to chisel their cheek bones. Some, but not me. I look like I’ve not seen sunlight for about 10 years.

And so I paint my face with layers of Studio Fix and dust on highlight until I shine brighter than my future, for no other reason than, I want to. For me. Because I like it.

Yet this seems to bother some people, and I know makeup lovers around the globe will be experiencing the same problem.


C’mon guys, we live in a world where ham on pizza lovers and haters live harmoniously, and where vote in or outers (Brexit) are now all friends again on social media. Why does it bother people if eyelids have five different colours on them?

It seems to be the guys that have the most to say. Sorry, I  don’t mean to generalise, if you’re one of those men you see all over Instagram, who are the makeup equivalents of Picasso then you can count yourselves out. I’m referring to the ones that couldn’t tell the difference between a Mac lipstick and a bullet.

Those are the ones most likely to come out with comments like “natural girls look way better”, “you’d look nicer if you wore less makeup”, etc.

Have you ever asked a man to point out a natural girl? Just try it. Or how many times has your makeup count been foundation, concealer, various powders, highlight, mascara and eyebrow pencil then some noob has made a comment along the lines “see, you look good with no makeup.” No makeup …

I know guys probably mean it as a compliment, but it really isn’t. It’s our faces, let us dress it the way we like. You wouldn’t go up to a girl and go “babe, you really should wear more make up …” would you?

We’ve invested a lot of dollar, time and youtube tutorial watching in to our makeup crammed faces. Just as you may spend hours on the X-box or lifting heavy objects in the gym, there’s a lot of skill goes in to this.

Then there’s the other comments.

“But it looks so fake…”

Yes, yes it does. Believe it or not, we weren’t born with sparkly eyelids.

Or the best one, “hor hor hor, women lie to us, you should take them swimming on the first date, hor hor hor I’m so manly.”

Who are you to belittle anyone like that? Of course a girl looks different without make up, doesn’t take a genius to work that one out. Maybe if we lived in a less judgmental world, girls might feel comfortable to wear less.

That’s literally like a girl saying “boys should turn up to the first date not wearing any underwear, then we can see what they’ve really got to offer.”

1) Why does it even matter? 2) Doesn’t make you feel very good does it?

Then there’s “all these girls with slug eyebrows, and looking like they’re wearing goggles (bad contour) look so stupid.”

Well, maybe so, but that’s the trend isn’t it!  Quite a difficult trend to master at that, it takes practice. What’s the difference really between seeing a boy in the gym trying to lift weights waaaaaaay too heavy for them?  Might look pretty stupid but just let people get on with it.

I think the best way to resolve this problem is something you could apply to most things in life: If you don’t know what you’re on about, don’t comment. Or, don’t be mean.

So me, being the big “con artist” I am, I’m going to continue smothering my face with glow kits and applying concealer like its tribal paint to blot flaws from blemishes to an unpaid overdraft.

A bit of constructive criticism is fine, but 9/10 a girl isn’t wearing makeup for anyone else other than herself and she probably feels good in it. Let’s all live and let live and remember that the most important kind of beauty, is skin deep!


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  1. youmustbehighxo says:

    This is probably the best thing I’ve read all day – YES. One of the funniest responses I’ve ever seen to the “take a girl swimming” thing was when it was switched round to the guy; show a girl what’s going on downstairs without being hard first then. x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jess says:

    Love this too much OMG I hate it when men (and also my grandma?? Like Gran give my foundation some love please it cost £29) make comments about makeup.
    I don’t think makeup is only a choice as, while I choose to wear it, I’m also aware that there’s a huge pressure for many girls to wear it and tbh I feel slightly insecure without it so there must be some patriarchal influences working behind the scenes but that’s why it’s even more irritating when men comment. I’ve literally put this in my face because the male oriented society tells me I’ll look ‘ill’ and ‘pale’ and ‘ugly’ without it sooooo pls wait until the system makes you feel equally insecure and THEN you’ll be entitled to an opinion. (Also I read this after reading your highlighter post and I need to get my hands on some sleek stuff ASAP I wanna shine bright like a diamond so bad)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ema Brewer says:

      You are literally a girl after my own heart, I am always ranting about how girls wouldn’t feel so insecure if they weren’t constantly slated or compared to other “hotter” girls, by men. I don’t get it, it always seems to be the lads who slander makeup-wearers who then cop off with a girl who looks like a Picasso painting, at the end of the night 👀 ehhh? Hypocrites. Totally agree with you! It really stresses me out, might have to go be a hippy and live in a field … that looks like a happy life 😂
      Thanks so much for your hilarious comment and reading!!! PS yasssss definitely get amongst the sleek stuff it’s soo shiny!! (okay I’ll stop sounding like a magpie and a man-hater now) 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. thebrokegirlsguidetobetterliving says:

    This is my type of post!! This exact topic was on my list of brainstorming ideas for upcoming posts 🙂 I LOVE wearing too much makeup because while I’m a TERRIBLE artist, I get to play with colour every day and match my eyes to my purse and draw my lip line outside of my lips and look like a different person whenever I feel like it for no other reason than just because I can! Look forward to following you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ema Brewer says:

      Hahahaha I am howling at this, that’s literally my life 😂 jeez, with the power of makeup I can be about 10 different people 😂 boys should defo keep quiet. Thanks for commenting, and for defending the good name of makeup 😎🤓🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  4. giuliainwonderland says:

    You literally wrote there my exact thoughts! I just hate when I have a natural look on and someone tells me that I’m better with no makeup, still in that moment I’m wearing a lot of products, it’s just that I’m not wearing a lot of each product.
    I really don’t get why we have to feel pressured to look at our best without being able to improve a bit how we look… but then when I get up in the morning and I really go out with no makeup at all there’s always someone asking me if I’m feeling sick ’cause “You’re so pale…”
    Everyone should be able to do whatever he wants to, provided he’s not damaging anyone, and I think we’d all be happier and more relaxed!


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