JHSHDDHDHDHUnless you live under a rock, you’ll be no stranger to opening up your newsfeed on Facebook/Instagram and feasting your eyes upon a meme something similar to this…



Usually shared by a girl (more than likely the same ones who use the dog filter religiously or drive a Fiat) raving about how “cute but psycho”, or “princess” like they are and accompanied with an upside down smiling emoji.

I’m not a kill joy. I love a good meme (and dog filters and fiats as it happens) but I just don’t get these memes. What’s funny about them really?


Would we still find them funny if a boy posted a photo of himself holding a knife, talking about how ready to ‘kick off’ he is over his social media stalking finds ? No, we’d think he was controlling, abusive … or just weird.


Let’s face it, we’ve probably all been called a ‘psycho’ at some point or other in our lives, but it probably wasn’t for a legit reason, such as being manipulative or … skinning a cat. No it was probably because you pulled your partner up on something and they didn’t like it.

That’s not a psycho. That’s normal.

The real definition of a psychopath?

A person suffering from a chronic mental disorder with abnormal, violent, antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc –

Stop romantisising serious mental health issues because there is nothing cute or funny about them at all.

And what is cute or funny about promoting controlling & unhealthy relationship behaviour?

And why is it okay for girls to do this, but not boys?



It may be ‘just a meme’ but look at the message it’s giving out. It’s normalising abuse. As if it isn’t already hard enough to recognise the signs of a toxic relationship, ‘jokes’ like this certainly aren’t helping.

Obviously no one wants to be cheated on or taken advantage of, just like I don’t think anyone would appreciate being interrogated or their privacy invaded as a resolution!

I can’t comprehend the thought process. Portraying yourself as extreme high  maintenance or … unstable, that’s not gunna make a guy reading your post think “gee, you know what, she seems like a really sound gal, why don’t I message her right now.”


What would everyone think if boys started posting photos captioned “handsome but aggressive”? Is it okay for girls to condone violence but not boys? Double standards.


It looks immature, desperate for attention and is doing nothing but trivalising a serious issue.

The bottom line? You aren’t a princess, you’re probably just a bit of a brat.

As for the boys who pine after having a ‘Harley Quinn’ type girlfriend – 99.9% of you can’t even handle a double text (not to mention the fact, she isn’t real) so leave it out will you and STOP calling  girls crazy for unjustifiable reasons.

Your girlfriend crying because she’s upset isn’t a psycho but do y’know who is? Myra Hindley, and she molested and murdered children. Okay, extreme but it’s this sort of idealisation (referring to Harley here not Hindley) and labeling that’s got people mixed up and jumping on the band-wagon in the first place.

Relationships should be fun, equal, respectful and definitely not contaminated with controlling behaviour.


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  1. Lauren Kidd says:

    I LOVED this article❤ really raised some important points here. It can start off as a joke but then sometimes people can really let these behaviours slip into their relationship. Thabk you for writing about this xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ema Brewer says:

      Ah thank you very much, you’re just the absolute sweetest! Yeah, definite grey area here but, let’s not feel too sorry for men just yet eh? 😏😉 ahaha kidding (I think!) Thanks for commenting 💖 xx


  2. Veronica M. says:

    Oh my gosh I couldn’t agree more! I’m a huge meme lover but come on, these kind are just ultra creepy and stupid. Who wants to be abusively clingy and be verbally/physically aggressive like that to a boyfriend?? Thanks for speaking up about this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ema Brewer says:

      Hahaha aren’t we all! Love a good meme. But yeah you’re totally right, just a bit of a double standard tbh! Thanks very much for your lovely comment, I always appreciate it 😘🤗 x


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