I have advertised this blog for a while now as a beauty, FASHION and lifestyle blog; yet as of yet, there are no fashion posts. That’s pretty stupid, isn’t it? So, I think it’s about time I post one.

Drum roll, please …

So, the occasion is date night. I don’t actually know why because my love life is about as existent as Unicorns but, I wore this outfit on an outing with a male one time, not too long ago so, that kind of counts, yeah?

For anyone who’s interested, nothing ever came of it. There was no second date. So, take from this “fashion inspo” what you will. I take no responsibility for anyone else getting a nice big portion of custard cream pie.

*Apologies for poor qual photos*

Exhibit A! Here, we have myself, wearing a pretty green skater dress, in my best effort to appear like a nice, normal, non-hyperactive, sweet and innocent yet sophisticated adult. Dignity, and morality intact.

I’m joking, but I do think this outfit is pretty cute. I’ve always had a thing for Skater Dresses since my teens, and they don’t always have to be ‘rock chic. I think this one gives off the “I’m a nice girl who wears pretty dresses and your mother would love me” vibe. At least, I hope it does because that’s what I was going for.

DRESS: £9 (reduced from £29) – NEWLOOK

It’s emerald green, which I love. If you have green eyes (like me), I think this colour really brings them out. Also, I love the whole cold-shoulder thing; I think it can be quite slimming as it makes you appear broader and makes your arms look thinner. It also emphasises your collar bones which always looks purrrty. This dress does have straps too, which is great because it keeps everything in the right place, but my hair is covering them.

I teamed this with tights. Don’t wanna give off the wrong sorta message with my ankles on show, or anything like that now, do I? (If you haven’t realised by now, I speak fluent sarcasm) but yeah, tights are just any old black tights, to keep my legs warm and to not look too party-party.


I asked my best mate what shoes I should be wearing for a date (because I’m a date virgin), and she told me not to wear heels, because “boys hate that” …. do they? I didn’t think so. Oh well,  I don’t know what planet she lives on but she told me to wear flats. No way. To me, heels are the way to go every time. So, I ignored my palls advice and opted for a low heel court shoe.

I adore court shoes. They make any outfit look classy, together and sophisticated. I swear. You could probably wear joggers and stick a pair of these on and it would still look dec … maybe not, but for a date? courts seem like a good shout. Not too uncomfortable and they don’t look like you’re trying too hard.

Exhibit B!

JACKET: £20 – H&M 

BAG: £20 – UNKNOWN (I am useless, sorry) 


Accessorising is the most crucial part of an outfit. Unfortinatually, it’s also the part I usually run out of time to do because I’m always about 5 hours late.

I was organised this time though, so my accompaniments were:


I picked these because they’re all quite simple and delicate looking. Most were gifts so I couldn’t even guess the price/where they’re from, but if there’s anything specifically that’s sparked interest to any of you lovely people, I could probably find out!

The heart ring is my fave. I got it when I was a kid (I’m sure I picked it out the Argos catalog) because I wanted a grown-up Christmas present, and I didn’t have any rings. This is my first one. It’s absolutely huge on me, I don’t think it ever must have fit. I’ve lost it, like properly lost it, about a billion times, and somehow it always makes its way back to me. I think it must be my lucky ring.


I have a lot of tan on here. I use St Tropez, Ultra Dark – £26

I won’t blab on and on about my face, but here’s a really poor quality selfie:


I kept it simple. Went for the “let’s look like I’m not wearing a lot but really, I have about 6″s on” kinda thing. Again, if anyone has any questions about what I’ve used for makeup, just ask me in the comments and I’ll be happy to tell you!

Saying that like, the photo does it absolutely no justice, so if anyone has any good tips for capturing makeup well on camera, that would be really great too (thanks!!)

And that’s a wrap.

Didn’t get the boy, but I did get a few selfies and a free meal so, in the words of Nicki Minaj “wOtz gud?”

Thanks for reading. Stay cool guys!


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