10574345_282289088628710_8521602639661743682_nI must have typed the first line of this a million times and not been able to settle on anything without fear of it sounding too cringey, so to keep it simple, hello and welcome to anyone reading this; whether you know me personally, are a fellow blogger or just stumbled across this page by chance – hi! This page is just a little background in to myself and this blog (I’ll try to keep it as interesting as I can) but if there’s any questions you might have, you’ll be sure to find the answers here, and if you don’t then feel free to contact me directly.


I’d never blogged before but I had wrote several diaries. People always say it’s good to write your thoughts and feelings down but mine always got read (usually by my mother) and let me just point out that a teenage girls diary should never EVER ever fall in to the hands of their mother dearest, ever. I’m basically just a stationary fanatic and took notebooks a bit too seriously, so finding or in one case, making a pretty one (yes I’m really that sad I once made my own diary)  to write a few pages about all my old boy drama and how much I couldn’t wait to move out was what I classed as a diary. Now however,  I have no boy in my life and after living in run down student accommodation for a few years struggling to afford to eat, I realised I didn’t really have that much to whinge about.

The point being though that diaries are supposedly meant to be private; mine never was and writing to yourself seemed a bit pointless anyway. Back in the day the theory was that I’d read over them when I was older, and now that I am older, I think I’d rather stab myself in the neck with the pen I wrote them in than read over those monstrosities. Who knows, maybe that could make a funny vlog one day? … we’ll see (although I don’t fancy stabbing myself with a pen, hmm!)

With my lack of privacy and (according to my friends and family) a great talent for talking, writing and embarrassing myself publicly, I thought I’d combine my talents and that was the day that ‘all the good blog names were taken’ was born.


Quick story for you all: I once had a black and white rabbit who I wanted to call blackey whitey. For obvious reasons I was advised otherwise by my mam (no this not a typo, it’s Geordie dialect for mother) who actually turns out to be just as bad at naming things. She suggested we call it Dutch, which would have been fine, if it wasn’t a Dutch breed rabbit. The moral of the story being that my naming skills are clearly inherited, which I demonstrated a good few years later by naming the Kitten I got … Kitty. I find choosing names for anything a really stressful time, I can never settle on a name I love and when it came to naming my blog, it just so happened that every name I did settle on was already taken – voila. Or maybe I’m just a bit clever … who knows? (wink wink)

A little bit of everything is likely to pop up on here. I know this goes against ‘blogging etiquette’ if there is such a thing, and that you’re supposed to make a blogging niche but … I have a lot of interests, and I’m guessing you have a lot of interests too, we all have a lot of opinions about a lot of different things and I like to share mine. So as much as this blog is fashion, beauty and lifestyle based which will cover everything from fashion lust-haves to travel must-dos and from all the lotions and potions you can think of to a bit of a babble about, well, anything; don’t be alarmed if not everything on here fits in to those categories.


I live in Newcastle – If you don’t know where that is it’s in the North East of England and you can get 3 trebles for £5, it’s great. The ones with the funny accent yeah. I studied Media&Journalism at University, and before I finish this sentence I’m starting to realise that it’s quite hard to write an ‘about  me’ without it sounding really dull or really pretentious. I’ll keep it simple. I love to write, especially about the things I enjoy doing which in no particular order include: bank-rupting myself with things to paint my face with or failing that, just chucking thousands worth in online wishlists, travelling, dancing, procrastinating, socialising and I’m pretty enthusiastic about carbs (PIZZA) too.

Looking for the best way to describe myself? Well we’ve all heard the expression ‘sugar, spice and all things nice’ but if I’m describing me I’d say I was more sarcasm, wine and bad decisions – kidding (I think, I hope) … and there’s your first dose of bad humour.

So for now we can call it a day. I’m sure you’ll discover more about this blog, me and a few other things if you choose to have a little nosey. I hope you enjoy what you do read, and I’d love to hear from you’s so feel free to get in touch about anything at all. For now though, here’s a picture of me and the infamous Kitty, who got put on Gumtree by my evil housemate (yeah, long story!)

Stay tuned.