These days you don’t even need to be anywhere in the radius of a person/object to be able to see them. All we need is a phone. Possessing this small but powerful, nifty device enables anyone anywhere to see everyone and everything that’s made its way onto the World Wide Web. Which, in case you hadn’t noticed, is quite big.

Our smartphones come armed with cameras, meaning nothing is private anymore. We insist on updating our social media platforms with documentation of our day-to-day lives; 99% of which no one actually gives a toss about but, we carry on anyways. Like a bunch of interconnected apes perhaps?

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JEJUEJDJAQJThis post needs a disclaimer so here it is: I AM RUBBISH AT POLITICS!

Also, this photo was taken in my home town of Newcastle (Treb = 3 shots)

“Why is she writing about politics?” I hear you cry, either because all the posts you’ve read so far on here have been about eyeliner or, you think I must have a death wish. I know it’s risky writing about political matters, however I’m not claiming to be great at it, I just have an interest and I like to share my opinions. That’s what blogging is all about and a bit of controversy is okay, right?  Anyhow, I do not  mean to offend anyone, this is just an opinion.

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